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BALLAD-13 b a l l a d 5

B A L L A D 5

     The world keeps turning inward
     And protecting and restraining
     The pride of M.S.
     M.S. is a polderperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those beautiful polderpeople
     Why do they ramble?
     Sauntering in the steppe
     Why do they search?
     The tingling tense head
     The moistness that discolors
     Because their withered intentions
     Have made them familiar
     With moist green realities
     And moist green realities
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop turning
     Oh beautiful good raven
     Combing behind the glass
     Why are you beautiful?

     Yes turns keep on suggesting
     And bursting and eliminating
     The fury of O.S.
     O.S. is a cityperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those indifferent citypeople
     Why do they scream?
     Beaming in the desert
     Why do they search?
     The glistening deserted salt-depot
     The twist that disables
     Because their derailed idealism
     Has made them familiar
     With twisting trembling expedients
     And twisting trembling expedients
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop suggesting
     Oh indifferent flawless crest
     Vomiting in the rinsing-tub
     Why are you indifferent?

     Yes suggestions keep on convincing
     And flourishing and cutting
     The shame of S.K.
     S.K. is a steppeperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those gloomy steppepeople
     Why do they model?
     Scraping by the lake
     Why do they search?
     The whirling granular grit
     The pinch that deprives
     Because their clammy hands
     Have made them familiar
     With pinching rustling regret
     And pinching rustling regret
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop convincing
     Oh gloomy slow night
     Paling in the courtyard
     Why are you gloomy?

     Yes convictions keep on reverberating
     And rejecting and swallowing
     The desire of H.W.
     H.W. is a coastperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those hollow coastpeople
     Why do they garden?
     Gathering in the prairie
     Why do they search?
     The scintillating black stone
     The cry that unbends
     Because their tried patience
     Has made them familiar
     With crying blossoming passion
     And crying blossoming passion
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop reverberating
     Oh hollow pale dream
     Confusing around the middle hour
     Why are you hollow?

     Yes reverberations keep on rumbling
     And challenging and soothing
     The envy of D.B.
     D.B. is a slopeperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those prompt slopepeople
     Why do they land?
     Fleeing on the beach
     Why do they search?
     The sighing weary brush
     The refinement that withdraws
     Because their unstable temperatures
     Have made them familiar
     With refined solid resistance
     And refined solid resistance
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop rumbling
     Oh prompt hard heart
     Estimating with the alarm clock
     Why are you prompt?

     Yes rumble keeps on communicating
     And anticipating and shriveling
     The arrogance of G.S.
     G.S. is a tundraperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those outspoken tundrapeople
     Why do they slaughter?
     Laughing on the terrace
     Why do they search?
     The glossing feverish blush
     The notch that depurifies
     Because their bulging swagger
     Has made them familiar
     With notched elegant doubts
     And notched elegant doubts
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop communicating
     Oh outspoken sharp smoke
     Biting in the cellar
     Why are you outspoken?

     Yes communications keep on perplexing
     And sprinkling and draining
     The quicksand of F.R.
     F.R. is a lakeperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those vigorous lakepeople
     Why do they spill?
     Harassing in the forest
     Why do they search?
     The fissioning quivering energies
     The fade that disfigures
     Because their swallowed luck
     Has made them familiar
     With fading orange courage
     And fading orange courage
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop perplexing
     Oh vigorous clean wound
     Thanking for the grape bunch
     Why are you vigorous?

     Yes perplexities keep on transmitting
     And grounding and constraining
     The cruelty of I.R.
     I.R. is a caveperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those inert cavepeople
     Why do they demand?
     Compelling on the island
     Why do they search?
     The writhing wheezy lungs
     The damnation that dishonors
     Because their stretched speechlessness
     Has made them familiar
     With damning steaming ceremonies
     And damning steaming ceremonies
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop transmitting
     Oh inert pure sun
     Blinding on the card table
     Why are you inert?

     Yes transmittals keep on deceiving
     And scorching and neutralizing
     The bile of S.S.
     S.S. is a savannahperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those gay savannahpeople
     Why do they swear?
     Scolding in the swamp
     Why do they search?
     The groaning itching lumps
     The disturbance that disintegrates
     Because their bitter tongues
     Have made them familiar
     With disturbing swishing norms
     And disturbing swishing norms
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop deceiving
     Oh gay wild seagull
     Drowned in the sweat
     Why are you gay?

     Yes deceptions keep on fooling
     And preserving and taming
     The greed of S.M.
     S.M. is a riverbankperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those surly riverbankpeople
     Why do they plough?
     Tilting in the tundra
     Why do they search?
     The faltering mouldered pillar
     The freezing that disrupts
     Because their torn pockets
     Have made them familiar
     With frozen brown authority
     And frozen brown authority
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop fooling
     Oh surly weak strength
     Tickling in the winter
     Why are you surly?

     Yes foolishness keeps on inspiring
     And prickling and dabbing
     The tears of K.P.
     K.P. is a heathperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those calm heathpeople
     Why do they carouse?
     Fizzing in the delta
     Why do they search?
     The ringing rolling ear
     The dash that uncovers
     Because their drowned gazes
     Have made them familiar
     With dashing robust enthusiasm
     And dashing robust enthusiasm
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop inspiring
     Oh calm delicate hope
     Mourning for the despondency
     Why are you calm?

     Yes inspiration keeps on apportioning
     And secreting and shattering
     The resentment of A.M.
     A.M. is a desertperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those ancient desertpeople
     Why do they root?
     Shunning in the polder
     Why do they search?
     The sputtering plodding engine
     The clot that disaffects
     Because their biased judgements
     Have made them familiar
     With clotted gnarled exertions
     And clotted gnarled exertions
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop apportioning
     Oh ancient timid rose
     Softening since your childhood
     Why are you ancient?

     Yes portions keep on enchanting
     And blowing and hampering
     The activity of B.G.
     B.G. is a veldperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those cautious veldpeople
     Why do they burn?
     Consuming in the savannah
     Why do they search?
     The vibrating strained heart muscle
     The wit that distempers
     Because their poisoned territories
     Have made them familiar
     With witty comforting alternatives
     And witty comforting alternatives
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop enchanting
     Oh cautious soft uluva
     Luring in the village
     Why are you cautious?

     Yes enchantments keep on intoxicating
     And charming and dampening
     The hate of S.D.
     S.D. is a oasisperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those rigid oasispeople
     Why do they yearn?
     Hiccuping in the valley
     Why do they search?
     The shrinking veinless leaves
     The refreshment that distracts
     Because their choked throats
     Have made them familiar
     With refreshing solitary goals
     And refreshing solitary goals
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop intoxicating
     Oh rigid early crow
     Surprising behind the dike
     Why are you rigid?

     Yes intoxications keep on tasting
     And welcoming and crushing
     The fear of H.M.
     H.M. is a swampperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those hasty swamppeople
     Why do they stammer?
     Lingering in the cave
     Why do they search?
     The shining small star
     The hush that denies
     Because their sticky saliva
     Has made them familiar
     With hushing bare overview
     And hushing bare overview
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop tasting
     Oh hasty happy youth
     Loosening by the persistence
     Why are you hasty?

     Yes tastes keep on harmonizing
     And reporting and directing
     The future of B.T.
     B.T. is a bogperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those modest bogpeople
     Why do they enlarge?
     Muttering in the city
     Why do they search?
     The shaking ringed forefinger
     The volatility that explodes
     Because their deformed pasts
     Have made them familiar
     With volatile creaking authenticity
     And volatile creaking authenticity
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop harmonizing
     Oh modest loose woman
     Choosing from the center
     Why are you modest?

     Yes harmonies keep on bonding
     And crumbling and perfuming
     The urine of K.H.
     K.H. is a moundperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those cool moundpeople
     Why do they shout?
     Hopping on the coast
     Why do they search?
     The ruffling velvety surface
     The viciousness that deploys
     Because their stained beds
     Have made them familiar
     With vicious split introspection
     And vicious split introspection
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop bonding
     Oh cool fresh rice
     Quietening according to recipe
     Why are you cool?

     Yes bonds keep on thawing
     And dissolving and brightening
     The darkness of V.Z.
     V.Z. is a forestperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those cheerful forestpeople
     Why do they peel?
     Jumping on the slope
     Why do they search?
     The stumbling panting enthusiasm
     The demonstrativety that defers
     Because their suffocating residences
     Have made them familiar
     With demonstrative passive rebellion
     And demonstrative passive rebellion
     Have the outrageous quality
     To never stop thawing
     Oh cheerful lean belly
     Forsaking in the genes
     Why are you cheerful?

     Yes thaw keeps on feeding
     And receiving and absorbing?
     The suspicion of Z.R.
     Z.R. is a prairieperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those chaste prairiepeople
     Why do they kiss?
     Lisping on the riverbank
     Why do they search?
     The hissing cold gas bubble
     The humanity that disconcerts
     Because their harmed beloveds
     Have made them familiar
     With human white civilization
     And human white civilization
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop feeding
     Oh chaste vain task
     Thickening in the spring
     Why are you chaste?

     Yes food keeps on delighting
     And enveloping and creating
     The shit of T.D.
     T.D. is a terraceperson
     What is the smell?
     Of those content contented terracepeople
     Why do they nestle?
     Podding on the heath
     Why do they search?
     The swelling toiling gland
     The obstruction that disowns
     Because their shitless mothers
     Have made them familiar
     With obstructing overgrown solidarity
     And obstructing overgrown solidarity
     Has the outrageous quality
     To never stop delighting
     Oh content lazy man
     Exchanging in the laboratory
     Why are you content?

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